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Introducing the all new CGS-CIMB iTrade (MY) Mobile Application - v3.0.0

Latest News!
CGS-CIMB iTrade has released its new mobile app with a refreshed design and new features to make your trading experience better.


Biometric Login

Convenient access with biometric login

Single ID,
Single Limit,
Trade 8 Exchanges

Trade multi-markets from the same app

Heatmap View (NEW)

Feel the market with the heatmap view

Reports (NEW)
Optimise your trades with integrated reports
and statements


Deposit & Settlement (NEW) 

Perform deposits and settlements from the same app

Campaigns & Events (NEW)
Hyperlink to our website to get the latest campaigns and events updates

For user guide, please click HERE
NOTE: The new iTrade mobile app only compatible to work with the Android device (7.0 or later) or iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later).
General Q&As for CGS-CIMB iTrade (MY) Mobile App (v3.0.0) 
1.  Do I need to uninstall the existing iTrade mobile app (v2) before install the new app (v3)?
No need. But you can only choose one of them to trade. Please note that concurrent login is not allowed, so, when you login v2 and v3 at the same time, the earlier one will be kicked out.
2.  I prefer the existing app because I am used to its UI UX. Can I continue to use it?
You can continue to use it for now. But eventually, we will remove v2 in the near future.
In addition, all new enhancements will only be carried out in v3 from now on. In order for you to use the app without any interruption, we strongly recommend that you switch to v3.
3.  If I found any issue on v3, who should I contact?
Please contact CGS-CIMB iTrade customer service or email to
Let’s switch to our brand new CGS-CIMB iTrade (MY) mobile application today!
Want access?

General Terms & Conditions Apply.

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