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Home » Latest Notice » Notification pursuant to Clause 6 (aa) of CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd's Client Agreement
Notification pursuant to Clause 6 (aa) of CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd's Client Agreement

CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd (257674-P)



1.    We refer to the Client Agreement between you and CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd (the “Broker”).


2.   Pursuant to Clause 6(aa) of the Client Agreement, the Declaration and Agreement section of the Account Application Form has been updated and revised to include the following :

4.   Pursuant to Clause 6(q) of the Client Agreement, I/we hereby expressly agree that the Broker shall be entitled to retain for its own account any and all interest that may be earned on monies held in my/our account(s) hereunder. I/We directly consent for the Broker to withdraw any monies in the form of interest standing in my/our account(s) for the purposes of paying such interest as the Broker may determine to me/us after taking into account any withholding tax and any administrative expenses incurred by the Broker and/or any other purposes which the Broker shall in its sole and absolute discretion deem fit to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

       I/We duly verify that this is my/our written direction allowing the Broker to do the above.”


3.    All capitalized terms (unless otherwise defined herein) shall bear the same meanings given to them in the Client Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, all other terms and conditions in the Client Agreement and any supplementary or other terms and conditions, save as expressly amended herein, remain unchanged and shall continue be valid and binding.


4.   Should the Client have any query on this notification, kindly contact us at :-


                     Postal Address       :    CIMB Futures Sdn Bhd

                                                         Dealing Department

                                                         29th Floor,Menara CIMB

                                                         Jalan Stesen Sentral 2

                                                         Kuala Lumpur Sentral

                                                         50470 Kuala Lumpur


                     Email Address         :


                     Telephone No.       :    03-2265 8908 or 03-2303 8908 



Date :  8 September 2017

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